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Call us @ 480-496-MUTT(6888). Leave phone # & street address and all specifics.



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If your pet prefers our food & the cost is comparable to what you currently feed, would you be willing to place an order with the money back guarantee & autoship benefits?

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($5.00 S&h charge deductible from your first 40 lb autoship order). To order, click HERE or call 1-888-AT-2-PETS and leave your shipping info. and credit card # for sample reguests or orders. For all othe inquiries call 480-496-MUTT (6888)


Dry water samples now available. Just try a 6 lb bag. You will be amazed. Order Now. With herbs, pro-biotics (that's friendly bacteria, like in yogurt, to aid digestion), blue green algae, veggies & pasta ... like fresh stew!

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